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  • 6U VME64x single slot module
  • Based on Freescale MPC8548 PowerPC processor
  • e500 Processor Core @ 1 Ghz
  • 1 GB of DDR2 SDRAM with ECC
  • 128 MB NOR flash (Program Memory)
  • 1GB NAND flash (Storage/Application Memory)
  • 1 MB NVRAM
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Four Multiprotocol RS232/RS422 serial ports
  • Two USB 2.0 Host ports (Optional)
  • One PMC mezzanine site
  • Four Temperature sensors
  • Real time clock
  • External Watchdog timer and Reset Generator
  • Voltage monitoring and power sequencer
  • On-board Flash FPGA
  • Analog-to-Digital Conversion Block
  • Operating temperature -40ºC to +85ºC

The AT-VME-PADC-MPC8548 is the next generation of PowerPC based Single Board Computers in the AT series of products featuring Freescale’s MPC8548E PowerQUICC III processor which integrates the enhanced e500 PowerPC core and advanced features such as DDR2 SDRAM with 1GB, 128 MB of NOR flash, 1GB of NAND Flash, 64KB Serial EEPROM, up to 1 GHz of clock speed, 1MB of NVRAM. The system provides the required interfaces to interface custom modules in the system. The system provides communication bus interfaces like asynchronous communication ports on RS232/422 and two gigabit Ethernet ports. The SBC also features a watchdog timer, Real Time Clock and comes equipped with a single PMC mezzanine site.


The card has on-board Analog-to-Digital conversion channels and Digital-to-Analog Channels, providing additional resources for high-speed data acquisition applications. The above said feature is used in the Radar (IFF) Processing that is yet another functionality provided on-board. Radar signals are processed using mode generation, reply video processing and processed video generation. A communication link to control unit & SPU simulation is provided. Online diagnostics present detects presence/absence of external pry trig, ACP, nm, mode pulses & AA for decoder functions. Power on self test (post) & Plot processing are some of the additional features present. RADAR signals processing features include azimuth count pulse processing, primary trigger signal conditioning, processes in simulator, processes in RVP Mode ‘S’.


The SBC is available in Air-cooled and Conduction cooled temperature versions to suit various applications. Contact sales for more information.

Freescale MPC8548E PowerQUICC III processor
Embedded PowerPC e500 core
Clock Frequency at 1.0 Ghz
Two USB 2.0 host ports
L1 Cache: 32KB of instruction and 32KB of data cache
L2 Cache: 512 KB
1 GB of DDR2 SDRAM with ECC
128 MB of NOR Flash
1 GB NAND Flash
64Kbits Serial EEPROM
1 MB Non-Volatile SRAM
Bus Interface
32 bit Local Bus
Two 32bit/33Mhz PCI r2.2 compliant buses
VME 32 bit Backplane bus interface
I/O Interfaces
Two 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports
One Debug RS232 Serial Port
Four RS232/RS422 Multiprotocol Serial Ports
LVTTL Differential IOs – 16 Nos
LVTTL Single Ended IOs – 16Nos
Two USB 2.0 Host Ports (Optional)
PMC User IO on P2 Connector
Provides a Real-Time Clock (RTC)
Supports an external battery for Real-Time Clock operation
Provides Watchdog Timer feature
Temperature Sensors
Voltage Monitoring
Power Sequencing
On-board JTAG chain for FPGA`s
VME JTAG signals from P1 connector to test/program on-board JTAG devices
On-board JTAG interface to the processor for debugging and development purposes
On-board 80MHz oscillator
Different clock signals for ADC and DAC
On-board PLL circuit for clock frequency programmability
On-board Flash FPGA
User configurable 16- LVDS I/O
User configurable 16-LVTTL discrete I/O
Temperature Monitoring
Voltage Monitoring and Power Sequencing
Serial EEPROM interface
Analog-to-Digital Conversion Block
Three DC Coupled Analog input channels (AC Coupling – Optional)
High Speed AD9445 14 bit ADCs
Rate of 105Msps for each channel
High speed 14-bit AD9744 DACs support testability of both analog and digital subsystems
SMA coaxial front panel connectors
50 ohm input impedance
Sampling using Internal clock
Synchronous and Asynchronous modes of operation
Programmable Sampling rate selection
One Virtex-5 FPGA, for additional custom logic
On-board 80MHz clock Oscillator
PMC Interface
Single PMC mezzanine site on rear I/O
Front Panel Connectors
One Debug serial port
One Gigabit Ethernet port
Three SMA Analog Input Channel Connectors
Reset Switch
Rear I/O
Four MultiProtocol RS232 / RS422 Serial Ports
Two USB 2.0 Host ports
Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
PMC User IO on P2 Connector
6U VME single slot interface
Dimensions- 233.35mm x 160mm
Thickness: 2.4mm
Metal Heat sink covering over the card for efficient heat transfer from the card to the chassis
Card fitted with wedge locks on either side for firm seating in the slot
Operating Systems Support
Standard Support for Linux 2.6.x
Optional Device drivers and BSP for VxWorks (6.3) Operating System
Derived from +5.0V of Backplane
3.3V and other voltages required for powering on-board devices are generated from on-board power circuitry

Air-Cooled Conduction-Cooled
Operating 0ºC to + 60ºC -40ºC to + 85ºC

1 year limited warranty