AdTEC Group 2020 Corporate Presentation


Corporate Presentation of AdTEC Group Covering: Strategic Alliances, Customers, Core Team, Business Divisions, Skill Set, Hardware Development Facilities/Tools, Avionics Production, Salient Projects/Products, Avionics – Mission Computers, Avionics – Display Processors, Avionics – RADAR Computers, Avionics – Core Avionics Computer, Avionics - Fifth Gen Mission Computer, Graphics Module for Smart MFD, Naval Systems, Onboard Processor, LRU Testers, Core Avionics Products, COTS Avionics Products, COTS EW Products, BOARD LEVEL OBSOLESCENCE, CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT BOARDS, Obsolescence Management, RIF & RVIF, Systems Software and Simulation, OFP Software, Drivers & Libraries for Various Avionic Interfaces, Board Support Packages (BSP)