The AT-VME-SBC-Corei7 board has a Computer On Module COMExpress plugged in to it. COMExpress is based on one of the ultra high performance, high-integration Intel Corei7 processor, and gives designers the choice of a complete, ruggedized systems requiring high bandwidth processing, based on the COMExpress form factor. Core i7 offers integrated graphics and memory controller and dual core processing up to 2 GHz. The module plugs into the card, which has connectors and additional circuitry to meet your application requirements.

The Computer On Module incorporates a 4 GB of SDRAM with ECC Protection, 32 MB NOR Flash memory, 16 GB of NAND Flash, Two Gigabit Ethernet ports, four USB ports, four SATA ports and One High Definition Audio port.

The AT-VME-SBC-Corei7 is equipped with On-board mezzanine expansion sites-one optional PCI 32-bit/66MHz PMC site or PCIe x4 XMC site, Three digital display interfaces, a number of user defined GPIO’s, two dual redundant 1553B channels and eight transmit and eight receive ARINC429 Channels. The AT-VME-SBC-Corei7 has implemented all its Discrete IO logic in the FPGA. All discrete inputs and outputs are accessed through registers implemented inside FPGA.

The card is particularly well suited to embedded applications and meets all the requirements such as power consumption, temperature range, quality, and reliability demands of embedded system applications. The card uses +5V, +3.3V and +12V from the Back Plane as primary supply voltages. All the internal Voltages required by FPGAs and various other peripherals are derived using on board regulators and DC-DC Converters.

The board is available in either Air-cooled or Conduction-cooled versions. Operating system support for VxWorks, Linux are available.

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