Freescale’s MPC8548E next-generation Power QUICC III processor integrates the enhanced e500 PowerPC core and advanced features such as DDR2 SDRAM with 1GB, 128 MB of NOR flash, 8GB of NAND Flash, Four 64KB configuration EEPROM, up to 1 GHz of clock speed, up to 16MB of NVRAM, single X4 lane PCI Express and x4 lane SRIO interface, 8 pairs LVDS I/O and four temperature sensors. The system provides the required interfaces to interface custom modules in the system. The system provides communication bus interfaces like asynchronous communication ports on RS232/422 and two-gigabit Ethernet ports. The SBC also features a watchdog timer, Real Time Clock and comes equipped with Dual PMC / XMC mezzanine sites.

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