The AT-XMC/PMC-1553 is the latest generation of high performance, multichannel Mezzanine card for MIL-STD-1553B, with a choice of either PCIe or PCI as the Bus interface. The card provides up to four flexible single functions, dual redundant MIL-STD1553B channels. It provides the highest level of performance & flexibility for MIL-STD-1553B protocol on the PCIe bus. The ATXMC/PMC-1553 card includes advanced API (Application Programming Interface) software that reduces application development time. Standard features include 64K Words of RAM per channel, 48-bit message time tagging, up to four independent dual redundant MILSTD- 1553 channels, Six Discrete Inputs & Six Discrete Outputs, IRIG-B Time Code Input/Output. An onboard IRIG-B time code decoder and generator allow users to accurately synchronize single or multiple XMC/PMC1553 cards to a common time source. The card is available in either Air-cooled and Conduction cooled versions. Conduction cooled versions for rugged on-board systems.

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