AT-XMC/PMC-DIO is a slave mezzanine card, providing x1 Lane PCI-Express interface or 32-bit PCI interface with the host system. It provides interface to different types of input and output signals for the avionics domain user interactions. The XMC/PMC discrete I/O boards are designed to provide users with a high degree of reliability and flexibility to meet input-output requirements. They are ideally suited for stringent military and airborne applications. AT-XMC/PMC-DIO has implemented all its discrete I/O logic in the FPGA. All discrete inputs and outputs are accessed through registers implemented inside the FPGA.

Discrete outputs can be used to switch +27V/GND/OPEN type loads. AT-XMC/PMC-DIO provides a total of 40 nos of discrete I/O interface to the PCI/PCIe bus. Twelve nos are +27V/OPEN type or casing break type inputs, eight nos are of Open/GND type inputs and an equal number of respective outputs. The card provides I/O interface through front panel mounted 68-pin PCB mount rightangled VHDCI receptacle connector or though rear XMC user I/O connector J16 or PMC I/O connector JN4 for accessing the I/O through back plane. On-chip timers are used for scheduled status reading of discrete inputs or drive of discrete outputs.

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